Our goal is to design timeless, elegant and sustainable buildings and landscapes

Architectural design

We are an architectural design practice that is working on a wide scope of projects inspired by the interest in advanced digital design techniques for the development of innovative, sustainable and structurally efficient architectural designs. Each project is approached as a territory transformed by the parameters of urban, physical and sociocultural context, programmatic and interior requirements, materiality and tectonics. Research is integral part of the firm’s methodology incorporating information from other engineering disciplines for the integration of innovative construction techniques and structural parameters in architectural design. The practice has received fourteen awards in International architectural competitions including five 1st awards. EP Architects gained considerable international attention when the T. Papadopoulos Footbridge in Pafos received the Special Judges’ Recognition at the International 2013 MIPIM Architectural Review Future Project Awards competition.


Cypriot urban fabric

Several waves of urbanization in Cypriot cities since 1920s in combination with the absence of urban design strategy have led to their expansion on the basis of detached houses. This has produced dysfunctional urban density for the development of public infrastructures while the shopping malls at the cities outskirts have led to the decline of commercial centres. Hence, with the design of unified residential developments we demonstrate solutions with density and urban functionality where the introduction of shared space, linear parks and cycling routes will manifest with the vitality of urban public space.

Engineering disciplines

We incorporate knowledge from various engineering disciplines in our projects.

Interior Design

Interior design is an integral part of our architectural design exploration from its very beginning. We can respond to the clients needs and enhance their vision with materiality and new design perspectives.

Design and Project Management

The management of the project aims to balance creativity with economic and time restrictions.

Industrial Design

Our office undertakes the industrial design of furniture and other elements of the project like lighting design.

Landscape Design

Landscape is designed in cooperation with experts, in order to accommodate the clients needs and create a green context for each project in an integrated way.


EP Architects is a team of enthusiastic architects that love research in design and experimenting with new technologies.


We’ve come together from many different backgrounds, united by our passion for architecture.

Our shared goal is to design elegant, effective and environmentally responsive solutions for a broad range of projects.


Elina Pattichi

Elina Pattichi holds March-BArch with honors from the National Technical University of Athens and March from Architectural Association, Design Research Laboratory. She is founder and director at EP Architects.

She has received several awards for EPArchitects design and has given lectures for her work in conferences in Cyprus and abroad (8th Biennale of Young Greek Architects-Greece, Perspective conference-Italy, ACIA-India etc). As a student of architecture, she was distinguished for her academic work with honors, scholarships and awards in  exams and competitions.

She received one of the top scholarships from the State Scholarships Foundation for her entry in the National Technical University of Athens.


Taulant Tozaj

Taulant Tozaj holds BArch-MArch from the National Technical University of Athens and he is a member of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber and the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE-TCG).

Taulant is partner at EPArchitects where he has contributed in their design achievements with his experience that ranges across hospitality, residential, commercial, cultural and interior design.

He received several awards in international architectural competitions including two 1st awards in Sparta Museum and for the Social Housing in Pano Polemidia of Cyprus Land Development Corporation.


Honourable mention in Larnaca Municipal Market


1st Award in Footbridge in Tasos Papadopoulos avenue


2nd Award in Footbridge in Tasos Papadopoulos avenue


Honourable mention in Footbridge in Agion Anargiron avenue


Honourable mention in the rehabilitation of Moutalos area


3rd Award in the Connection of Archaeological site in Kato Paphos.


1st Award for the New archaeological Museum in Sparta


1st Award for the Competition of Social housing in Limassol-Pano Polemidia

Cyprus Land Development Corporation


3rd Award in the Project for the new Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance in Paphos.


Honourable mention in the Pagkiprio High School New indoor and outdoor sports facilities


1st Award for the Law office of the Republic of Cyprus


Honourable mention in the Multimedia school of TEPAK


1st Award Elenion Public Kindergarten 2024