EP Architects | Smartgeometry 2013 – Digital Intuition & Prediction
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Smartgeometry 2013 – Digital Intuition & Prediction


Mirco Becker, Stylianos Dristas, Dacid Kosdruy, Juan Subercaseaux


Elina Pattichi

About This Project
This project was realized during Smart Geometry (2013) workshop under the agenda of ‘’Digital Intuition‘’. Aim of this research was the digital form-finding of funicular surfaces under the force of gravity and the effect of this process on the articulation of rigid components. Rigid orthogonal, square parallelepided geometries and spheres were connected in networks and gravity dynamics caused the funicular shapes. Because of the distribution of regular components on the minimal surfaces irregularity and geometric differentiation was observed on the in-between voids. This irrecularity of voids’ geometry can be explored with the application of various flexible material solutions capable to receive these dynamics. The research was realised with the use of C# in Visual Studio and Rhinoceros.